Good Books!

Here are some good books that my Mamaw read before she transitioned us to raw food diet. We recommend all of them.

Natural Health Bible for Dogs and Cats, by Shawn Messonnier, D.V.M.
This is a good book for checking on various conditions, herbs, vitamins, and supplements. It has information on natural remedies and traditional remedies. Even for a kitty household who is not eating raw diets, it is a great book! It does not really advocate raw diets but does have a section on them.

Whole Health for Happy Cats, by Sandy Arora
This is not by a doctor, and while I usually like to prefer books by qualified individuals, we liked reading this one. I liked looking at the pictures of the kitties which are very colorful and cute, and Mamaw liked the information in it. The "whole prey model" concept prevails in this book and you get an easy look at how to have that diet with some good mix 'n match recipes.

Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life, by Elizabeth Hodgkins, D.V.M.
This is a great book that advocates raw diets. There are a lot of case studies that explain about how many health problems were avoided by transitioning to raw diets. However she talks about feeding only ground meats, while we think that feeding whole meats is better since then we chew it and have strong teeths. The recipe in this is not as good.

If you only buy one book, we suggest Natural Health Bible for your reference guide, and subscribing to the Raw Cat Yahoo Group (see left sidebar). If you want to be convinced why raw diets are good, we suggest Your Cat. If you want a nice colorful book which also has useful recipes, we suggest Whole Health for Happy Cats.



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